Meet our Esthetician: Janna

After working as an Esthetician for many years, I have transitioned my years of skill and knowledge to the holistic approach of skin care.  I have come to the realization that health and beauty starts from within.  Our outward appearance is a reflection of what is going on in the inside of our bodies.  So while it is wonderful to treat skin conditions, we will also discuss some of the possible underlying causes.

In addition, I am certified in all LHE (Light Heat Energy) treatments offered at Sacramento Naturopathic Medicine Center.  This cutting edge, non-invasive technology has proved life changing for many individuals and we are thrilled to offer it here at Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center.

I am a member of the association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners and have a wide range of knowledge in natural and organic skin care products as well as nutritionals.

I am continuing my education by attending seminars and training provided through Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center and through those offered by the association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners.

I am extremely passionate about giving each client the individual attention they deserve to achieve optimal skincare.

For more information about our holistic approach to skincare, visit our Skincare Page.