Ten Important Things to Know About Our Center

1. You and I (and our staff) are partners in optimizing your health.

Your job is to report your symptoms, medical history and everything you know about your health as accurately as possible. My job is to be a “medical detective.” I can be a better detective the more information that you provide. The more observant you are about your symptoms, when they occur, the intensity, other things going on in your life at the time, etc., the more valuable your information will be in finding out what is going on and how best to treat you. My job is to also to prescribe the best course of action, which often includes nutritional supplements; your job is to take them as prescribed, etc.

2. Patient (customer) service is our number one priority.

The slogan for the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center (SNMC) is “Your Pathway to Healing.” The goal of all of our staff, regardless of our specific duties, is to be a true pathway to your healing; to be a shelter from the storms of your life, where you feel accepted and appreciated.

3. It is critically important that you send all your previous lab reports from other medical offices taken within the last year to our office.

We have our own optimal, narrow ranges on the blood tests that are different than the standard reference ranges. What may be “normal” to a conventional doctor, may or may not be to a Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopathic doctors routinely diagnose and treat hypothyroidism, anemia, a parasitic infection, and others more frequently than MDs because of our tighter, optimal ranges.

4. Many natural medicines take time to make changes.

Although we are used to taking a “pill” and having symptoms subside, it is important to go into an appointment with an ND with a different mentality. Because we are getting to the root of the cause and not just masking symptoms, it takes time to correct this imbalance.  Be patient and take all of your nutritionals, as prescribed, to see positive and significant changes!

5. We believe in making naturopathic medicine as affordable as possible.

All nutritional supplements are discounted below the manufacturer’s recommended retail price. No other natural healthcare practitioner in the area does that!  All of the supplements we sell are high quality, potent nutritional supplements that have been researched and proven to treat specific conditions.

6. We can ship your supplements.

For your convenience and to save you driving time and gas, we can ship nutritional supplements to you – usually getting the supplements there the next day. For orders over $100, we ship absolutely free! For orders under $100, the cost of shipping is merely the actual price of the shipping, normally under $5.

7. We offer extremely discounted blood tests.

Blood tests through Quest Diagnostics are tremendously discounted, about one-fifth the regular price. These low prices are available to non-patients as well. You can invite any friend/ family member to get their lab work done as well! The Dr. Weatherby Panel, a 50 item blood test, for example is only $129.00 (including blood draw fee). The normal cost of this same panel is over $600 at Quest!

8. We are available via e-mail.

If you have a follow-up treatment related question, for your convenience, Dr. Godby & Dietitian Meghan encourage you to e-mail them. Occasionally, emails may get inadvertently deleted. Your emails are extremely important to Meghan, our office staff and I. Over the last 5 years, I (as well as the staff) have tried to answer emails within several hours, almost always within 24 hours – sometimes a little longer on the weekends. The point is: if you don’t get a response within 24 hours, do not hesitate to re-send the email. We would rather receive an e-mail twice, or even three times, than not receive/answer your letter. Why? Because your question is important to us!

9. We want you to take charge of your health.

You will always get a copy of all the lab tests you do through our Center. If for any reason you don’t get a copy, just ask and we will mail/email/fax it to you.

10. We appreciate your business.

We strive to serve in a spirit of hospitality and acceptance and will go the extra mile to help you on Your Pathway to Healing.